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IACT 999 – Capstone Research Project Paper|Choose a topic that has something to do with the UAE, that will help the UAE in some way

 This is an individual research project assignment. This is an extension of first assignment, where  you  must  choose  an  emerging  issue/topic  different  from  assignment  one.  Each individual  must collaborate with a faculty member in FCSE and do research on an emerging issue (or an emerging issue proposed by the faculty member), write a proposal, defend the proposal to external committee identified by the lecturer, write a final report and also do a final presentation of the project. Apart from that, individual would have produced a final report that would be similar to a small thesis that consists of chapters one to five. In addition, each group would also have to prepare the report in a journal article format that would be ready to submit to a conference. Individual will be given 15-20 minutes to present their findings using power point.



Each student will select a research issue/topic related emerging topics in IT. Students are expected to conduct a research study based on the principles of empirical research. This part will be the foundations  on which  you will build  your  project.  The following  are the necessary sub-sections needed to be in the proposal:

o   Introduction

o   Statement of the Problem



o   Research Questions/Objectives

o   Literature Review

o   Research Design (Methods and Procedures)

o   Limitations

o   Significant of the Study

o   References


Final Report:

For the final report, the following chapters should be included:

1.   Chapter 1: Introduction,  Problem Statement, Purpose of the Study, Research

Question/Issues, Research Methodology, Significant of the study.

2.   Chapter 2: Literature Review

3.   Chapter 3: Methodology – Sample, Sampling, Data collection, and Data analysis

4.   Chapter 4: Results

5.   Chapter 5: Discussions and Conclusion

(The  contents  from  the  chapters  above  could  be  broken  down  to  be  as  your  final presentation content).


As for the journal article format, a specified format template will be uploaded in the course website during the semester.




Some general marking criteria that will be used in grading your proposal, presentation and final report include (but are not limited to):

§      Relevance of the report/presentation to the course objectives

§      Clarity of the presentation

§      Depth of analysis/research (rigorousness)

§      Writing styles and presentation techniques

§      Correct Referencing

Other marking criteria will be provided during the semester.




5.3         GRADES AWARDED


The approved grades of performance and associated ranges of marks for postgraduate subjects are:


High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D)

Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (F)

Technical Fail (TF)

85 – 100%

75 – 84%

65 – 74%

50 – 64%

0 – 49%

– Not meeting the final exam passing requirements






In order to gain a grade of Pass (P) or better in this subject, students must pass the Final Examination  with a mark of at least 50%. This is irrespective  of a student’s  other marks during the session. Students who obtain a composite  mark of greater than 50% but do not satisfy the Final Examination pass requirements will be awarded a “Technical Fail” (i.e. 49%). Students must ‘reasonably’ complete all assessment tasks (other than the Final Examination, which requires a mark of 40% of above) and submit these by the final week of session or by the Final Examination  date (whichever  is earlier) in order to pass the subject. ‘Reasonable’ completion of an assessment task will be determined based on the instructions given to the

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